How I spent my summer vacation

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A friend has an interesting pinterest.
People in Chicago drive really well except when the weather is bad or, of course, when the weather is good.Sept 22 A Club Spokane, WA
A University of Chicago film crew is doing a documentary about James Wesley Jackson.

Tremendous show Friday November 16. Mike Toomey, Kenny Howell, Bill Campbell and I as the lions of laughter at The Beverly Arts Center of Chicago. It is a benefit for Leo High School.
People in Chicago drive really well except when the weather is bad or, of course, when the weather is good.A friend has an interesting pinterest.
Sept 22 A Club Spokane, WA

A University of Chicago film crew is doing a documentary about James Wesley Jackson. They and James will be at Bourbon Street at 115th & Kedzie this Friday at 8, I'll be there, too. There's no cover. We pass the hat.


Saturday, July 9

The Music Station

1808 West 103rd St.

8:00 P.M.

I had a great job standing around giving money to people who walked by. Used to get tons of overtime. Then I was replaced by an ATM.

Everyone in Illinois is proud that when legislators from other states want to run away from their state police, they hide out with us.

In Idaho I saw a sign that said Caution, Frost Heaves Ahead. My kids got frost heaves once from a bad slurpee.

Apparently Dan Quayle is now in charge of the White House twitter feed.

Rumor has it Mubarak claims he's always intended to live in Chicago and may run for Mayor.

Every Saturday Night
Paul Kelly Show
Starting Nov. 20
Restaurant & Bar
12333 S. Harlem Ave.
7:30 P.M.

Have four points on a 2011 Westward Tour

Jan. 26.....Monticello, Iowa
Feb. 5.....Spokane, Washington
Feb. 8.....Burley,Idaho
Feb. 15 - 20.....Calgary, Alberta

from Doug Ross@Journal
888Scene seen next door to Bert Borth's house
I'll be celebrating Be Nice to Plumbers Week Oct 20th at Sam Bucco's......
I've taken up the Ryan Budds Challenge - 30 DAYS, 30 SETS.
Facebook really is amazing. I've only been on three weeks and already have six friends.Frank was on a domestic with his partner Felipe. Another he said, she said went straight to 911.You can major in communications in college, but it's better to learn it by six or seven
Led Zep Communication Breakdown

Let's see if at long last I can make this site a creative outlet and communicator. Well, I've made a Facebook Faux pas. I Invited my entire friends list to an event that had the wrong date and the wrong venue.


Vacation is over.

2010 Tour

There is so much interest in the annual arctic sea ice minimum that there's a prediction market on Intrade. People bet on it. Betting on sea ice is a little like buying life insurance. You say "I bet I die." The insurance company says "We bet you don't." Eventually you do die, but somehow they end up winning the bet.

Had an interesting weekend in Lima, Ohio at the Clean Comedy Challenge. Love that 5-Way Skyline Chile special!Doing 2 shows Friday August 6 at a neighborhood venue on Chicago's South Side

On the Road

Aug.18...Three Rivers Casino; Florence, OR.

August 21...Annie Fannie's; Spokane, WA.

Photo shop has many fun uses.

How come you never see any good looking people in K-Mart? There's something about that store. You can be good looking in the parking lot, but when you go inside and the doors close, you get dumpy.
The Obama Administration suffers from an overabundance of Clinton administration retreads, Harvard Law graduates and those lacking private sector experience. It makes them gaffe prone. White House Spokesman and Head Speechwriter, a couple of important jobs surely being done by level headed, mature individuals. Here they are playing beer pong.
Years ago, the Russian scientist Lysenko trained a frog to jump on his command. When he yelled "прыжок" the frog jumped. Here's how Lysenko recorded his famous experiment: Remove one leg from frog; say прыжок, frog jumps. Remove second leg: say прыжок, frog jumps. Remove third leg: say прыжок, frog loses hearing.
Today, I'm using some of the bricks left over from the chimney incident for an edge in the back yard.
Rained all day, had to clear off the garage drain twice.
Bought a six-pack of Schlitz, the beer that made Mel Famey walk us. Claimed to be the "Original Sixties Recipe" which they abandoned in the Seventies. Can I remember a taste from so long ago?
Not aging well. My eyebrows don't match. In fact, there's not a square inch of hair on my face that matches the color and texture of any other hair on my face. If I let my beard grow, I look like an orangutan.
First day of vacation and I spent about all of it in the yard. Bike riding tomorrow for sure.

Too few tourists take the time to see the back of Mt. Rushmore

HTPv Chicago Style Energy Club MeetUp

Free form open dialogue about energy alternatives

Monday, June 28 6:00 - 10:00 PM

The Music Station 1808 W. 103rd St.

Chicago Style StandUps perform at 8:00